Honeywell Air Fed Respirator Visor Spray Painter Kit

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Honeywell Air Fed Respirator Visor Spray Painter Kit

A complete respiratory system that cools the face, and reduces fogging. Ideal as a spray painters respirator kit for example when spraying two-pack paint.

These respirators are the proven safety solution when you need clean, compressed air from a source outside the contaminated area. Air passes through an airline to the face piece or hood, with the continuous flow creating increased pressure inside. This pressure cools the users face and reduces fogging, a common problem in many working situations. The Honeywell Painters kit includes an Airvisor which has been developed and styled to offer the best protection, comfort and quality, whilst still being durable enough to meet the requirements of today’s industrial environments. This kit also includes an auxiliary hose for a spray gun or air tool, a waistbelt with tamper proof air flow regulator and an activated carbon filter.

Kit comes with visor, auxiliary air hose, waistbelt, filter, 7.5m air hose with fittings and a two person combination filter set including airline fittings. Kit is packed in a clear re-usable plastic container.

Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2012 Lic 1481




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