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Gap Fillers, Rigid Fillers, Glazing Compounds, Plaster & Silicones

Looking for high-quality gap fillers, putties, and silicones in New Zealand? Look no further! We offer a wide range of reliable products that are delivered nationwide. Our selection includes: 

  • Gap Fillers: Find the perfect solution for filling gaps efficiently and effectively.
  • Glazing Putties and Compounds: Achieve a flawless finish with our premium glazing putties and compounds.
  • Rigid Fillers: Explore our durable rigid fillers for sturdy repairs and applications.
  • Silicones and MS: Discover our versatile silicones and MS (modified silicone) products for various sealing and bonding needs.

Our vast range includes products from Bostik, DAP, Metoset, PAL, Sabre, Selleys, Sika, Siroflex, Timbabuild, and much more.

Whether you need materials for painting/decorating, construction, or general maintenance, we have you covered. Trust us for superior quality and prompt delivery across New Zealand. Get your gap fillers, putties, and silicones from us today!