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Sandpaper for the Trades

Welcome to our extensive selection of sandpaper and abrasives, featuring renowned brands trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts throughout New Zealand. We offer a wide range of options to meet your sanding needs, including premium brands such as 3M, Festool, Indasa, Intex, Klingspor, Norton, and UseIt. 

Explore our collection of sandpaper products, including Giraffe Use It Discs, which are known for their exceptional quality and performance. These discs deliver outstanding results and are highly durable, ensuring a flawless finish for your drywall sanding applications. 

Whether you need sanding sponges, sandpaper rolls, stick-on discs, or Velcro discs, our selection includes products from these esteemed brands. Each option is designed with precision and innovation, providing optimal sanding capabilities and ensuring professional-grade results. 

With our reliable delivery service throughout New Zealand, you can conveniently access the finest sandpaper and abrasives from trusted brands. Elevate your sanding experience to new heights by exploring our wide range of options today, featuring top brands like 3M, Festool, Indasa, Intex, Klingspor, Norton, and UseIt.