Richard Carbon Steel Joint Knife

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$10.10 NZD$20.10 NZD +GST


Richard Carbon Steel Joint Knife

  • High carbon steel blade, heat treated and tempered and highly polished
  • Full tang blade – runs through handle
  • Flexible taping knife blade is hollow ground on both sides
  • Comfortable polypropylene handle

Available in the following sizes

  • 32mm P-11/4-F
  • 38mm P-11/2-F
  • 50mm P-2-F
  • 75mm 113
  • 100mm 114
  • 152mm 116-1

Additional information


P-11/4-F – 32mm, P-11/2-F – 38mm, P-2-F – 50mm, 113 – 75mm, 114 – 100mm, 115-1 – 127mm, 116-1 – 152mm


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