Master XL61 Professional Infrared Diesel Heater

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Master XL61 Professional Infrared Diesel Heater

Infrared oil heaters deliver heat fast and exactly to the place where it is required without any air movement. They are suitable for dust-free drying walls or paints, defrosting machinery or pipelines, heating the working areas.

Similar to the sun, short-wave infrared radiation heats the objects without heating the air. Once objects (or walls) are penetrated with heat, they can also reradiate and heat other objects. Infrared radiation heats through fog or wind. Infrared radiation travels straight, unlike hot air which rises. Infrared heaters are an excellent solution for:

  • Heating objects, bodies or walls indoors and outdoors.
  • Drying plaster walls. Infrared heat penetrates the wall and evaporates the humidity of the wall from inside. Unlike an air flow heater which creates a dry surface which traps humidity in the wall.
  • Heating objects or limited indoor spaces. Unlike other methods where the hot air is quickly dispersed in the room.
  • Saving energy, because less energy is required for achieving the same heating effect.


Heating Power 17kW
Heating Power 58000 Btu/H
Fuel Consumption 1.35 L/H
Tank Capacity 11 L
Dimensions 560 x 345 x 575mm
Weight 19Kg



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