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Graco FinishPro 2 595 Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer Unit

Supplier Code: 17C357 Code: C2347

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Graco FinishPro 2 595 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Unit

For the large commercial or industrial contractor, the Graco FinishPro 595 is  the most versatile sprayer ever, with more performance to get the job done faster and easier.

SmartComp – Compressor is activated by the gun trigger. If you’re not spraying it’s not running

Super-Flex Whip Hose – Light and flexible whip hose improves control in tight spaces. The Flex Wrap hose skin protects from material accumulation and increases durability

Improved G40 Spray gun – An industrial grade air-assisted spray gun that delivers outstanding results. Integrated air-valve improves gun handling

Graco’s proven Piston Pump – All FinishPro 2 sprayers come with piston pumps for unmatched performance. The FinishPro 395 and 595 come with Endurance pumps with V-Max Blue packings and Chromex rods for extended life

Two sprayers in One! – select between air-assisted or airless modes depending on your application. Simple colour-coded labels easily identify between the modes

Self-Contained and portable – One plug runs the entire unit, simplifying jobsite operation

Quiet On-Board Compressor – Designed and manufactured by Graco

Contractor Gun & Hose Kit – comes standard

Smart Control 2.0 – advanced technology delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuations at all spraying pressures.

12 month warranty

Max Tip Size 0.027
Flow Rate 2.6 l/m
Max Pressure 3300 PSI
Motor 1.4 HP Brushless DC

What's included
Qty Description Code
1 Graco FinishPro 2 595 Air-Assisted Sprayer 17C357
1 G40 Gun with RAC X Tip 288513
1 15m Super Flex Hose Set (includes whip hoses for both fluid and air)  
1 RAC X FFT210 Tip FFT210
1 RAC X LTX517 Tip LTX517
1 Flat Tip Conversion Kit  
1 AAM309 Flat Tip  
1 Airless Gun/Hose Kit  
1 100 Mesh Gun Filter 287033

Accessories (Purchased separately)
Description Code Link
Graco Pump Armor 946ml C1357 view product
Graco TSL Throat Seal Liquid TSL view product
Graco Rac X LTX Switch Tips LTX view product
Graco Rac X FFLP Fine Finish Low Pressure Tips FFT view product


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