ZERO Rescue Descent Kit 50m AR-010 REK0RX1

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ZERO Rescue Descent Kit 50m AR-010 REK0RX1

Every work at height team requires a rescue plan, and simple is often best to ensure the team can easily perform a rescue in an emergency. Zero Rescue Descent Kit is an evacuation and rescue unit designed to rescue/recover a person at height by descending. Escape MK II device is used for lowering only, and can be used during rescue operations at height for workers who are suspended in PPE equipment. The controlled descent device is simple to use and gives a basic rescue system to situations where the victim is reasonably accessible.

MK II device is sold as a set consisting of:

  1. Controlled descent device
  2. 11mm escape rope, 50m length
  3. Anchor strap
  4. Release knife
  5. PVC Storage Pack

The Zero Rescue Descent Kit can also be used for an effective termporary static line with an integral self rescue ability; the temporary line is set up between suitably rated anchors, with the anchor strap on one end and the rope end/karabiner at the other anchor point. The rope is then simply tensioned by pulling back through the MKII device and any excess rope left coiled freely. Workers are attached to the rope (now a temporary static line) via lanyard or work positioning rope. Should a fall occur, the rescuer can release the MKII device and control the release of extra rope, allowing the attached victim to slowly lower to the ground.

Rated for one person rescue. Rated to 200kg.



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