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ZERO Retractable Rescue Winch / Inertia Reel CRW-300/25 FBR2RC3/250

Supplier Code: FBR2RC3/250 Replaces Code: CRW-300/25 Code: C5700

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ZERO Retractable Rescue Winch / Inertia Reel CRW-300/25 FBR2RC3/250

A retractable type fall arrester including rescue lifting device. The device is equipped with hand operated winch with automatic brake which prevents self-contained descent of a person.

The device may be used both in vertical arrangement (suspended to a structure) and installed on the tripods. For the tripod arrangement, the device should be applied with an mounting adaptor dedicated for this purpose.

The device casing is made of aluminium alloy. Galvanized cable of 5mm diameter, equipped with wide range carabineers (hook type with swivel). All important (motional) mechanisms are placed into sealed chamber.


  • Operating temperature range: (-30) to +50 C degrees
  • Static strength: not less 12kN
  • Braking force: less than 6kN
  • Fall arresting height: less than 2 m
  • Not designed to winch as the primary function.


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