Gib Trade Finish Lite 15L

Sku: C1919 Supplier Code: CW3602 Barcode: 9416463151745

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Gib Trade Finish Lite

GIB Trade Finish Lite is a new premium lightweight compound designed specifically for finishing joints in GIB plasterboard


  • Finishing coat over GIB Tradeset, GIB Maxset, GIB Lite Blue, GIB Plus-4
  • Suitable for application by trowel or with mechanical finishing boxes
  • Sandable by hand

Features & Benefits

  • Super slick to trowel
  • Low shrinkage – easy to achieve a smooth finish
  • Easily sandable
  • Yellow tint to easily distinguish from basecoat compounds
  • GIB Trade Finish is available in 15L pails and 14L refill cartons



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