Maxistrip™ – New Zealand’s Best Chemical Paint Stripping System – Application Guide and Video

MAXISTRIP™ is an all-purpose paint stripper used to target removal of top coats, as a prep tool to reaching suitable substrate or for complete removal of all layers to bare surfaces.

The Maxistrip™ paint stripping system is a very efficient and cost-effective. It is safer than alternatives such as burning paint off.

Maxistrip Indus 20 Chemical Spray Video

In this video Vern does a demonstration of Maxistrip™ 30 on a 1970s home in Wellington using the Indus 20 chemical sprayer with brilliant results.

Application & Removal


Use a natural fibre brush to apply an even coat as thick as the amount of coatings you want to take off.


Maxistrip™ is made to be sprayed through our specially designed INDUS 20, available for hire or purchase from our distributors. This is the recommended way to apply Maxistrip for best results.


  • Scrape off with a tungsten carbide scraper.
    firm plastic spatula.
  • A stiff bristled nylon brush works at removing denatured coatings from deep crevasses.


If no lead is present a water blaster with INDUSTRIAL FELT to trap particulate residue also works. Water blasting can be effective but it is messy and requires care and skill to keep residue contained.

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