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Colorex Trade & Hire Is Now Wellington’s Exclusive Aalto Paint Stockist!

We’re super excited to announce that Colorex Trade & Hire is now Wellington’s exclusive distributor for Aalto paints.

Aalto paints are known for their quality and beautiful multi-pigmented colours. Aalto specialise in creating incredible colours using only the highest grade paint and colourants.

It’ll be great news to both the DIY and professional painter having an Aalto stockist local. Trade account holders are eligible for trade discounts – please ask us for more details.

Aalto Paint Mixer

Our Automatic Tinting Machine With 16 Colourants

Aalto Paint

Bulk Aalto Paint

Our range of Aalto paints includes sealer undercoats, easy sand sealers, ceiling flats, waterbased enamels and more. These are available in a variety of sheen levels and pail sizes. Choose from one of Aalto’s beautiful colours or choose from standard colours from other major paint stores.

We also stock a range of roof paint named Procoat which is made by the same company and is aimed at the commercial market.

We have an automatic tinting machine and shaker right ready to mix up your next batch of paint.

Aalto’s colour system consists of 360 carefully curated colours. We stock A5 brushouts for each colour and a Fandeck showcasing the range of colours.

Aalto colours are multi-pigmented, using up to 11 colourants to create a single colour, allowing for the full interplay of light and pigment within the colour. As the light changes throughout the day, so will your Aalto colour.

Aalto colours are unable to be matched. Attempts to duplicate Aalto colours by eye or electronic means may give the illusion of a match, but on the walls the resulting colour will lack the depth, subtlety and complexity of a true Aalto colour.
Aalto Paint

Aalto Colour System

Aalto Paint

Colorex: Your one stop paint and accessory supply store

Along with the paint we stock an incredible range of painting and decorating supplies from paint brushes to Graco airless sprayers in our Petone superstore. We strive to become your one stop shop for all your paint and accessory supplies.

Please visit the paint category for more information on each type of paint we offer.

Signing Off For The Year (with video)

As we enter this festive season, we reflect on what’s been a year that we’ll certainly never forget. Despite the challenging beginning of the year the latter half of the year has been busy for most of the painting, construction and related trades. Firstly, and most importantly, we’d like to thank all of our customers for your ongoing support and we look forward to a busy new year. We have a lot in store for 2021 and we have some exciting announcements due in January. Stay tuned! Watch the short video below for a quick message from Vern and Api signing off for the year. Enjoy!

We’re closing at mid day on Tuesday 22nd December and reopen on the 5th of January. We wish you an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Announcing the winner of the eBike Draw!

Congratulations Jade!

Congratulations to Jade from Supreme Painters and Decorators. Jade was the lucky winner of the eBike from our November eBike draw. Many thanks to everyone who entered the draw and to our sponsors Easy Access, BE Pressure, Intex and Strouds.

Jade mentioned that he plans to auction the bike off and donate the proceeds to charity which is an incredibly kind gesture!

We’re extending the mobile showroom to run to visit the Wairarapa area!

We’re super excited to announce that Darren’s mobile showroom run is expanding to the Wairarapa area. Darren will be heading over the hill to the Wairarapa every Monday. Customer’s will have a chance to order items that can be delivered same-day and he will visit with his van stocked full of goodies for the painters and plasterers in the area.

Intex: New Zealand’s Best Automatic Plastering Tools (with videos)

Automatic plastering tools are a no-brainer for the serious plastering contractor. An investment in a set of Intex’s automatic plastering tools will set you up to reduce waste, save time and deliver consistent results.

Intex’s range of plastering tools include everything you need to perform the full range of plastering tasks from trowels to finishing boxes.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned plasterer the below videos will pique your interest in the Intex range. The speed benefits of using automatic tools versus traditional troweling techniques are immense and the investment is worthwhile.

Intex BigMudda Finishing Boxes

Intex BigMudda applies the correct amount of joint compound to flat joints. Made with USA billet aluminium and steel components, featuring a hardened steel blade with a brass blade holder and adjustable crown settings. Pivoting axle compensates for uneven wall surfaces. Outside mounted rubber o-Ring roller wheels provide a superior finish and soft ride. Hinged door enables ultimate cleaning efficiency. Holds 40% more compound than standard boxes – the largest capacity available meaning fewer trips to the pump! Loads compound via the Compound Tube or Loading Pump with Nozzle Attachment. Can be used with fixed or extendable handles.

More Info ›

Intex Plaster Pumps

The Intex plaster pump loads compounds into all tools by drawing compound directly from the bucket. Made with USA billet aluminium and steel components. 20 degree angled handle provides leverage, avoiding back pain and fatigue. Features a unique Quick-Release clips to allow for ultimate cleaning efficiency. Intake fitted with filter screens eliminating lumps. Equipped with a Quick -Release handle pin for easier dismantling.

More Info ›

5 Ways to Make Interior Paint Dry Faster

It’s hard to find the patience to wait for paint to dry and as the weather gets colder it becomes increasingly difficult to get it to dry in a timely fashion. Painting contractors are well aware that time is money and saving time between coats is essential. Here’s some tips and tricks to help reduce the drying time.

#1 Apply light coats

The general rule-of-thumb is that thinner coats of paint dry faster. A common technique for interior painting is to spray and back-roll (spray the walls followed immediately by rolling over them with a roller). This technique, combined with a fine finish spray tip, allows for thin coats and the end result is the traditional stippled interior wall finish that we’re used to. This is very efficient and will save on application time, drying time and paint costs.

#2 Increase the airflow in the room

It may sound like commonsense but increasing air flow dramatically speeds up the paint drying process. Using a ventilator or pedestal fan is a great way to increase airflow. A ventilator fan is an ideal solution as it can move the paint odours to another room or outside (with ducting attached) and increase airflow. These units are cost-effective and are extremely reliable.

#3 Use a heater

Heaters such as small electric heaters (around 2400W) are perfect for warming small rooms when the temperature is low. Large diesel heaters are ideal for larger spaces or even entire houses where there is adequate ventillation and space. Just make sure heaters are not too close to any walls to ensure you don’t overheat the paint which may cause it to blister.

#4 Decrease humidity with a dehumidifier

Paint stores are increasingly advocating the use of dehumidifiers to help paint dry. The first phase of the paint drying process is evaporation. Dehumidifers directly affect this by removing the water content faster. Dehumidifiers also help to prevent paint drips and runs that are result of high humidity.

#5 If possible buy fast-drying paints

This one is rather obvious but when time is of the essence you can choose paints with faster drying times. Acrylic paints are known for their quick drying properties. Just look for the drying times on the pail or ask your paint supplier for the best option.

Commercial Airless Sprayer Buyers Guide: Which Paint Sprayer Do I Need?


Graco Airless Sprayers are our preferred brand of commercial airless sprayers. They are widely recognised throughout New Zealand as great investments for painting contractors and are proven to perform reliably year after year. New Zealand also has great backup in terms of parts and service options available nationwide – something missing from other major airless brands available in the country.

For the painting contractor time is money. Your investment in a high quality and reliable airless spray unit will set you up for many years of efficient spraying thus saving you time and money.

Pump Output Pressure vs. Flow Rate
A common misconception is the perceived relevance of the max pressure at which your sprayer can spray at. Graco’s Contractor sprayers from the smallest stand units to the large mud pumps have a similar max output pressure ranging from 3000PSI to 3300PSI (only a 300PSI difference). The main variables to look at are flow rate (in litres per minute) and the maximum tip size (in thousandths of an inch).

Choosing your sprayer based on tip size and/or coating
Given a specific product you need to spray the airless sprayer can be specified based on the recommended tip size. This recommendation is usually available from the coating manufacturer. Tip size will be specified as the orifice size of the tip in thou (thousandths of an inch). Ensure you select a machine that, with some margin, can spray at that tip size.

Check out our tip size guide cheatsheet here.

Choosing your sprayer based on intended workload
It’s very important to invest in a sprayer that can handle the workload you’re intending. For higher workloads consider the sprayers with the brushless DC motors such as the Graco 490 sprayer – a popular choice among busy painting contractors. The general rule-of-thumb is that the smaller units have smaller pistons therefore they have to work a lot harder to pump the same amount of fluid compared to a larger unit with a larger piston. This additional work causes fatigue and heat build-up leading to faster wear on the pump that can lead to early failure.

Don’t buy the cheapest option available
Keep in mind when choosing an airless sprayer to make sure it’s adequate for spraying all of the coatings you need to in the future. It does not make sense to purchase a smaller/cheaper unit in an attempt to save costs unless the intended use is minor. Buying a machine inadequate for the job will likely overload the machine and cause damage.

Specialised Coatings
Choosing a sprayer for specialised coatings such as fire retardants and membranes requires specialist technical expertise. If you’re in New Zealand feel free to contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The Best Commercial Airless Sprayers Right Now

Graco 190



Graco 190 PC Express Airless Sprayer

The Graco 190 is a very popular unit as an entry level or backup unit for the small easy jobs such as fences or interiors where the unit is used infrequently.

More Info

Graco 490



Graco 490 PC Pro Airless Sprayer

The Graco 490 features a brushless DC motor and an impressive maximum tip size of 0.023 inches. It’s widely known as an industry workhorse with unfaltering reliability. It will be adequate for a wide range of applications for the serious painter and decorator.

More Info

Graco FinishPro 595



Graco FinishPro 595 Airless Sprayer

Graco’s range of FinishPro Airless Sprayers are world-class in their fine finish technology. These machines combine the efficiency of airless spraying with the fine finish of traditional compressor-fed spray systems. They come with a built-in compressor to atomise paint as it leaves the gun.

More Info

Graco 650



Graco UltraMax 650 Airless Sprayer

As one of Graco’s latest machines the Graco 650 is positioned to be one of the most popular machines in the painting industry. It is a no-frills machine that will be a hardy workhorse. It is the lightest machine that can run two guns simultaneously.

More Info

We’re putting a mobile showroom on the road to the Kapiti Coast

We’re super excited to announce our new mobile showroom dedicated to the Kapiti area. Darren has been on the team as a delivery driver for many years gaining valuable experience and product knowledge. Darren is transitioning into a sales role and his mobile showroom van will be in the Kapiti area every Tuesday. Please watch the video above for a proper introduction.

The Truth About Vacuum Filtration Classes (L/M/H Class)

Having been a grey area in the construction and painting/decorating industries for quite some time we hope to clear up some of the myths surrounding correct vacuum filtration based on Worksafe’s current guidelines.

Vacuums come in three main classes that represent their level of filtration. The required minimum class for each use-case is set out by Worksafe’s guidelines. We have compiled the below list to spell out which classes are used for a variety of tasks that we are often asked about. 

Filtration Level Stickers

Vacuum Filtration Class International Identification Stickers

The three classes are ‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘H’ (Low, Medium and High Hazard).

  • Class ‘L’ – Dust represents a moderate risk to the operators – The vacuum’s filters trap over 99% of the dust with a grain size of under 2 microns
  • Class ‘M’ – Dust represents a medium risk to the operators – The vacuum’s filters trap over 99.9% of the dust with a grain size of under 2 microns
  • Class ‘H’ – Dust represents a high risk to the operators – The vacuum’s filter traps over 99.995% of dust with a grain size of under 1 micron which includes carcinogenic dusts and dusts contaminated with pathogens

H-Class Filtration

Common uses for the highest level of filtration include, but is not limited to, Silicia Dust and asbestos.

Silicia Dust (e.g. Concrete grinding)
“Use an H-class HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner in accordance with Standard AS60335-2-69.” [1]

“A vacuum cleaner for cleaning asbestos contaminated material should comply with AS 3544 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Particulates Hazardous to Health and must be labelled with a high hazard ‘H’ class symbol and the words ‘For asbestos use only’.” [2]

M-Class Filtration

Lead Dust

In their booklet titled “Guidelines For The Management Of Lead-Based Paint” Worksafe say “Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove dust traces from the work area and surroundings…” [3]

Our suppliers recommend M-Class vacuums with an added HEPA filter such as the Starmix iPulse or Festool CTM26 (with appropriate added HEPA filters) for managing Lead dust. This includes on-tool dust extraction and site cleanup etc.

L-Class Filtration

L-Class filtration is generally considered acceptable for plaster dust and sawdust from woodworking in most circumstances. This includes, for example, vacuums connected to drywall sanders and circular saws.

Additional Information

  • Fine dust can clog filters quickly – consider buying vacuums with the built-in vibrating auto-clean feature
  • Ensure vacuums have enough capacity for the task and are emptied regularly and safely
  • Use the correct disposable vacuum bags and ensure they are disposed of appropriately
  • Ensure power-tools connected to the vacuums have the appropriate dust hoods and correct consumables such as matching sanding disks etc
  • Ensure operators wear the correct PPE such as dust masks (with correct rating), gloves and safety glasses where required

Need more information? Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


  1. https://worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/dust-and-fumes/dust/silica-dust-in-the-workplace/
  2. https://worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/asbestos/ppe-when-working-with-asbestos/
  3. https://worksafe.govt.nz/dmsdocument/983-guidelines-for-the-management-of-lead-based-paint



It’s True – We’re Moving

We’re super excited to announce that we are moving to new premises. Works are underway at the new place to get it ready for us to move in.

An artist’s impression of the new building

We are planning on moving in early October. Tune into our monthly newsletters and/or follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the exact shift date once we have it scheduled in.

Our new address will be 7-19 Fitzherbert St, Petone. It’s about 5 minutes down the road from our existing premises. It’s a little closer to town and we couldn’t be happier with the location.

From here to there…

We have outgrown of current building and need vastly more space to store and display stock. The new building is more than twice the size of where we are now. This means we will be able to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you, our customers. We will also be able to stock a wider range of products and our sales team have a huge wishlist of potential products. Watch this space! Check out the progress of the new building on our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/ColorexTradeHire/.

And the winner is…

Colorex Pie Day March 2019 Draw Winner 


We have a winner!

The draw for the iPad was a huge hit on our Pie Day. Various scientific methods of determining the number of lollies in the jar were devised and some customers opted to just throw a random number at it. Guesses ranged from 300 all the way to 3500!

Any customer who spent over $200 had the chance to enter the draw by guessing the number of lollies in a large jar we had on the counter. This time we combined both Jet Aeroplane lollies and Wine Gum lollies to make it a little more difficult.

Meet Steve from First Choice Decorators. Steve was the winner with the guess closest to the actual number. His guess was the round number of 800.

Congratulations Steve. Enjoy the iPad and the jar of lollies!

Colorex’s Pie Day

Pies, Coffee, Powertools and Scaffolding. That’s what our Pie Day was all about. The turnout blew our expectations out of the water and we had an absolute blast. The pies were delicious and the deals were insane.

We had over 1000 savouries and countless soft-drinks and coffees. It’s safe to say we won’t be having another pie for quite some time after the pie and sausage roll binge.

We had some of our key suppliers such as Easy Access, Hindin Marquip, Intex, Ox Tools, Strouds and Van Vault present with demos and deals. With a team of technical deal-makers it’s no surprise the day went so well.

Anyone who spent over $200 had a chance to enter draw to win a brand new iPad. The winner was determined by the customer who had the closest guess for the number of lollies in a jar we had on the counter. Stay tuned to see who won!

Be sure to sign up to our newsletters to be notified about our next trade day.

Thanks for coming and we will see you next time!

Here’s a few snapshots from the day early in the morning.

Bolle Safety Glasses Now In Stock

Bolle Safety Glasses

Here are Colorex we are proud to announce that we are now a stockist of Bolle Safety Glasses. Bolle are a world leading supplier of top quality and stylish safety glasses.

Research suggests that the number one reason workers do not wear their safety glasses is because they are uncomfortable. Bolle safety glasses have been specially designed to ensure optimal comfort with non-slip adjustable temples, flexible frames and adjustable bridges.

Bolle safety glasses also have a anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings to ensure clear vision.

You’ll be impressed! Try them out.

Check out the products below or visit a store to try them on

What Graco Spray Tip Do I Use? (with cheat sheet)

Choosing the correct tip for your airless sprayer can seem a bit confusing without knowing a few basic things about them.


What the numbers on the tip mean

What Graco Tip Size Numbers Mean


Choose the orifice sizes based on the material to be sprayed

Material Orifice Size Group
Varnishes (before low VOC) .009 .011 thin materials
Lacquers (clear coats) .009 .011
Shellac (clear) .009 .013
Stains – transparent .011 .013
Water sealers (thin and clear) .011 .013
Tung Oil (pure thinned) .011 .013
Lacquers (water borne) .012 .014 medium
Acrylics (clear) .012 .014
Acrylics (latex) .013 .015
Varnishes (low VOC) .013 .015
Polyurethanes .013 .015
Stains – solid .013 .015
Enamels – oil-based .013 .015
Latex paint – interior .013 .017
Latex paint – exterior .015 .019
Primers – latex .015 .017
Primers – oil based .017 .019
Heavy Latex .021 .025 thicker
Elastomerics (smooth) .021 .025
Elastomerics .025 .039 thick materials
Fire Retardants .025 .039
Alumastic .025 .039
Block Fillers .025 .039

Choosing the correct tip size is essential for getting a quality finish, efficiency and optimum paint usage.

This is a handy guide to help you choose your tip size based on the material to be sprayed. The basic rule is to use tips with smaller orifice sizes for paints with lower viscosity and vice-versa.
This is only a guide – the actual size(s) needed will vary depending on actual material being sprayed. Also ensure your machine is able to spray the material and can handle the tip size.


Pick a tip that your Airless Sprayer can supply material to
Be sure the tip you want is not too big for your pump to be able to spray. Check your machine’s specifications to be sure. If the tip is too big the paint won’t atomise and you will get a very poor finish.

Which type should you pick?
For thinner materials and where you need a perfect finish we recommend Graco’s new FFLP (fine finish low pressure) tips. These tips allow you to spray at lower pressures giving a finer finish.

Graco Bonus Packs Are Back! Free Graco Accessory Packs!

Graco Bucks Are Back

Christmas has come early for the painting and decorating trades!

Graco have launched their latest bonus packs (also knows as Graco Bucks Packs) and we’re excited to share them with you. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals. If you need a sprayer – now is your time!

Product Feature: Maxistrip – The Best Paint Stripping Chemical (with video)


Paint stripping has been a bugbear for the painting and decorating industry for many years. From the early days of burning paint off with heat guns to grinding it off with a grinder the paint stripping process has become a lot easier and more cost effecting with new paint stripping chemicals.

Meet Maxistrip

Maxistrip is an industrial grade paint stripper and is our most effective paint stripping chemical. It is efficient and will work out much more cost effective than traditional paint stripping methods.

Combined with the spray application units (Indus 20) this process is an impressively effective way to strip houses of their paint. It has no problem stripping many layers of paint including lead based paints.

How it works

The chemical can be sprayed on with the Indus machine or for smaller areas can be brushed on. It is then left for 15 – 60 minutes to allow the stripper to work its magic. The paint will begin to bubble up and turn into a thick paste. The paint and chemical residues can then be scraped off using a tungsten scraper blade. The residue can be easily scraped away and safely disposed of. Clean up the surface and then you’re ready to begin preparing for the new paint. It’s that simple.

We ship the chemical all over the country and do demos to local Wellington painters.

Check out the product listings below or contact us to book a demo.

Safety Reinvented: Meet Skylotec (with video)

Skylotec Safety Reinvented


The top notch height safety equipment you have been waiting for…

These guys won a German Design Award for two years in a row!

Meet Skylotec.

Skylotec, a height safety equipment manufacturer, is a Germany based company that is known for its innovative products with exceptional quality. Using their technical expertise to continually innovate Skylotec has become a well-known player in the industry.

Check out the video for a snapshot of their Ignite range of safety harnesses. You will be blown away with how well thought-out everything is. With this safety harness range Skylotec presents a premium range of harnesses designed to optomise ergonomics, comfort and usability. Each part of these harnesses have been developed to outperform user requirements. It features many clever details that make it much easier for you to carry out the task at hand. These include, but are not limited to, coloured attachment points, high quality hip and shoulder padding and very practical winding of the webbing.

View our entire Skylotec range here or see a range of harnesses below.

New Proscaf Steel Scaffolding Packages Available

Proscaf Steel Scaffold Packages


Want your own scaffolding?

Proscaf Steel Scaffolding is the leader in the scaffolding industry with its innovative modular and highly configurable design. This clever system makes for efficient erection and dismantling using minimal parts and effort. The rosettes on each level provide eight connection points for the horizontal and diagonal components to enable a high level of customisation of the scaffold based on your application. With no need for nuts and bolts the assembly is a breeze.

You aren’t limited to a single configuration. Erect the scaffold in any safe configuration to get the best access solution for the job at hand.

Proscaf is manufactured to ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and optimal safety whilst providing a cost-effective access solutions.

These packs are designed to make it easy for you to choose what you need and get it at the best prices.

Check out the packages below or contact us for more information.



Your Chance To Become The Intex Ambassador And Win $18k Worth Of Tools

Become the Intex Brand Ambassador

“The Ambassador will be the face of the Intex brand. This is a tremendous opportunity to get the best tools in the industry as well as incredible exposure in the marketplace, for free.”

Intex, the New Zealand importer for high quality drywall products, have launched a campaign to find their first ever brand ambassador. The winner will be the recipient of almost $20,000 worth of Intex tools. These include an Intex Giraffe Sander, Starmix 35L Dust Extractor, Intex 20W Led Light and much more.

To have your chance to become the ambassador all you need to do is to submit a short video on your Facebook page explaining why you fit the role. Intex are looking for someone with a drywalling experience and someone who is familiar with the industry.

Video entries for the contest close in April. A list of the best contestants will be chosen by end of the month. The judges will then interview the top contestants and finally choose the winner.

Think you have what it takes? Click here for more information and the details on how to enter.


Announcing The Festool Day Draw Winner


Watch Vern announcing the winner for the Festool Day Draw. Everyone who spent $200 or more on Festool products was eligible to go into the draw. Congratulations to T Lynch Decorators for his win. He choose the Festool TS55 Plunge Cut saw as his prize from a choice of either the saw or a Festool Rotex RO150 sander.