Using Graco Pump Armor – Protect Your Airless Sprayer Investment

Graco Pump Armour protects airless paint sprayers from corrosion when not in use. It’s a must-have for every Airless Sprayer owner and comes at minimal cost. A no-brainer.

Benefits of using Pump Armor:

  • Keeps machine lubricated
  • Prevents internal corrosion
  • Prevents internal seals drying out
  • Stops any left-over paint drying out that could cause blockages
  • Anti-freeze

How to use Pump Armor

Simply fill your pump with Pump Armor when not in use until you use it again. Typically it can be diluted in water (20%) for short term storage.

  • Undilluted for long term storage: lubricant and anti-freeze in one
  • Dilluted in water (20%) for more efficient daily cleaning

Prime the pump

There’s a common misconception with what we are meant to do with Pump Armor. We only need to prime the pump with the liquid – not the entire hose line and gun.

Once you have primed the pump switch the prime/spray valve back to the spray position (horizontal position) to lock in the Pump Armor whilst the machine is being stored.