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Safety Reinvented: Meet Skylotec (with video)

Skylotec Safety Reinvented


The top notch height safety equipment you have been waiting for…

These guys won a German Design Award for two years in a row!

Meet Skylotec.

Skylotec, a height safety equipment manufacturer, is a Germany based company that is known for its innovative products with exceptional quality. Using their technical expertise to continually innovate Skylotec has become a well-known player in the industry.

Check out the video for a snapshot of their Ignite range of safety harnesses. You will be blown away with how well thought-out everything is. With this safety harness range Skylotec presents a premium range of harnesses designed to optomise ergonomics, comfort and usability. Each part of these harnesses have been developed to outperform user requirements. It features many clever details that make it much easier for you to carry out the task at hand. These include, but are not limited to, coloured attachment points, high quality hip and shoulder padding and very practical winding of the webbing.

View our entire Skylotec range here or see a range of harnesses below.

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