Proscaf Steel Scaffolding Pack F

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Proscaf Steel Scaffolding Pack F 15m x 4m (L x W)

Want your own scaffolding? This scaffold pack gives you a massive range of configuration options giving you flexibility when on the job and allows for smaller scaffolds using a subset of these components for those smaller jobs. Proscaf components are compatible with each other so the pack is easily extendable. You aren’t limited to a single configuration. Erect the scaffold in any safe configuration to get the best access solution for the job.

Proscaf Steel Scaffolding is the leader in the scaffolding industry with its innovative modular and highly configurable design. This clever system makes for efficient erection and dismantling using minimal parts and effort. The rosettes on each level provide eight connection points for horizontal and diagonal components to enable customisation of the scaffold base on your application. Proscaf is manufactured to ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and optimum safety.


  • 5 x 3.07m bays
  • 15.35m length total
  • 4m maximum platform height
  • 0.73m width
  • Comes with 2 rows of decks

Pack includes

Code Quantity Description
103.300 12 3.0m Standards (Vertical components)
103.200 12 2.0m Standards (Vertical components)
201.307 30 3.07m Tubular Ledges (Horizontal components)
201.073 26 0.73m Tubular Ledges (Horizontal components)
320.307 3 3.07m Diagonal Brace
320.073 2 0.73m Diagonal Brace
465.307 1 3.07m x 0.6m Platform With Ladder & Hatch
410.307 18 3.07m x 0.32m Steel Decks
500.060 12 Proscaf Adjustable Base Jacks

Also consider the Proscaf Outrigger Pack to keep the scaffold stable.



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