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MM410 Mini Mobile Scaffold Tower

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$2,354.00 NZD - $2,549.00 NZD +GST


MM410 Mini Mobile Scaffold Tower

The MM410 mobile scaffold tower is the most popular mobile scaffold tower in its class. It consists of 2 full tiers and a half tier on the top as the guardrails. Frames are made from lightweight aluminium. The complete tower flat packs so well it can fit into the back of most station wagons.

Perfect for indoor and tight access areas. The Base unit fits through a standard doorway.

Very quick to erect with one person. No separate ladders required as the frame is a ladder for climbing up the tower internally.

Choose between standard castors (MM410) or adjustable castors (MM410A). We recommend adjustable castors for outdoor use to be able to adjust for uneven terrain to keep the tower level.

Features & Specifications

  • Width 0.7m
  • Length 1.7m
  • Maximum platform height 3.7m
  • Hatched access platforms
  • Lightweight aluminium construction

All Mini Mobile Scaffold complies to AS/NZ 1576:2010

What's included
Qty Description Code
4 Full End-frames C2667
2 Half End-frames C2668
2 Access Platform C2659
2 Full Cross Braces C2665
5 Snaplock Guardrails C2676
4 Outriggers C2674
4 Adjustable castors or standard castors C2662 or C2678
4 Joining Spigots C2670


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