Easyrail Ultimate Pack - Full House Lot 44 Meters

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Easyrail Ultimate Pack – Full House Lot 44 Meters

Features & Benefits

  • Easyrail roof edge protection is available in 4 standard post heights. These are 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m. These posts can be joined using the joining spigot to reach higher.
  • For installation the cantilever bracket simply slides up the posts and is tightened under the eaves.
  • Using couplers and aluminium tube the horizontal rails are easily and quickly attached to the posts.
  • Easyrail is the ultimate safe solution for any low level roof edge protection application you may have.

Pack Includes

  • 14 x 4.0m Aluminium Trusses
  • 6 x 2.0m Aluminium Truss
  • 20 x 6.0m Lengths Aluminium Tube
  • 14 x 0.30m Cantilever Brackets
  • 14 x Adjustable Base Plates
  • 24 x Fixed Scaffold Couplers
  • 20 x Swivel Scaffold Couplers
  • 18 x Joining Spigots

Complies to AS/NZS 4994 : 2009



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