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OX MixM8 Rubber Mixing Paddle Hex

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OX MixM8 Rubber Mixing Paddle
Ox Tools
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$67.00 NZD$69.00 NZD +GST


OX MixM8 Rubber Mixing Paddle Hex


  • Guaranteed faster mix even with a cordless drill
  • Guaranteed less effort and smoother final mix
  • Long life and easy clean
  • Edge-to-edge mixing (no need to stop and stir)
  • Far less strenuous, no longer chase your mix round the bucket, hold the MixM8 in the center of the bucket and let the blades do the work
  • 38” Shaft version is used with a standard cordless drill, no need for power on site when mixing

Additional Information


10mm Hex (OX-P121910), M14 Threaded (OX-P122014)


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