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GIB Trade Finish Multi 15L

Brand: GIB
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$29.90 NZD - $39.70 NZD +GST


GIB Trade Finish Multi 15L

GIB Trade Finish® Multi is a new premium mid-weight compound and is suitable for use on all three coats.

It’s sanding and scratch resistance characteristics are balanced between the easy to sand GIB Trade Finish® Lite and the more scratch resistant GIB Trade Finish® Heavy Weight.  This ready-mixed air-drying compound can be used straight from the pail and has been formulated for use with machine tools or hand application.


  • Suitable for taping and finishing joints
  • Not suitable for holes and gaps greater than 4mm wide or 1mm deep
  • Suitable for application by trowel or with mechanical finishing boxes
  • Can be hand or machine sanded


  • Super slick to trowel
  • Low shrinkage
  • Easy to achieve a smooth finish
  • Yellow tint to easily distinguish from basecoat compounds
  • Available in a 10L (14kg) Pail and a  15L (21kg) Pail


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