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Gib RocTape 50mm x 75m Roll

Brand: GIB
Supplier Code: FW35 Code: C1964

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Gib RocTape 50mm x 75m Roll

GIB RocTape® is bedded in similar to GIB® Paper joint tape and can be installed using hand tools or mechanical tools.  Both GIB RocTape® and GIB® Paper joint tape are approved for use in all GIB®Systems.

Jointing tapes are an important component in a GIB® System, providing critical strength between plasterboard sheets to aid in resisting structural movement and therefore it is important to select the most appropriate jointing tape for the application.

GIB RocTape® is a matt fibreglass tape that uses random fibre placement to achieve superior mechanical strength for flat joint applications. GIB® jointing compounds can permeate through the GIB RocTape® matt, creating a very strong joint through reinforcing the GIB® jointing compound. This means less cracking and cosmetic defects, resulting in fewer call backs, saving time and money.

A matt fibreglass joint tape (nonwoven) is very different in performance to the (woven) square mesh fibreglass joint tape.  Some square mesh fibreglass tapes are pre-glued.  The woven square mesh fibreglass joint tape is not recommended for reinforcing plasterboard joints by Winstone Wallboards and AS/NZS 2589-2017.

GIB RocTape® is suitable for flat plasterboard joints.  For corner joints use GIB® Levelline®, GIB®Goldline™, GIB® UltraFlex®, or GIB® Paper joint tape.


  • Makes the joint mechanically strong
  • Faster drying times
  • No entrapped air bubbles under the tape
  • No swelling or shrinkage due to water absorption
  • Eliminates inadequate compound under the joint tape, reducing tape adhesion failure
  • Coloured yellow for easy identification


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