Hi-Tech Microfibre Sleeves

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Hi-Tech Microfibre Sleeves

Micro Fibre technology has revolutionised paint roller sleeves. Our Hi-Tech Micro Fibre roller sleeves are available in 3 nap lengths for all painting jobs. 5mm (3/16) pile for smooth surfaces 10mm (3/8) pile for semi smooth 16mm (5/8) pile for rough surfaces. Supplied in 230 and 270mm widths. The finish from Hi Tech Micro Fibre rollers has been likened to a spray finish. Another benefit is that there is no spatter or dripping. The sleeves hold more paint than other rollers so coverage is faster.

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230mm x 5mm, 230mm x 10mm, 230mm x 16mm, 270mm x 5mm, 270mm x 10mm, 270mm x 16mm


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