ZipPole 4-Pack 1.3m-3.2m ZIP04

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ZipPole 4-Pack 1.3m-3.2m ZIP04

The ZipPole™ product is our new low-cost steel product. About half the cost of our original aluminium poles, the ZipPole™ product is strong, lightweight and compact. The kit gives you everything you need to make a 9m long barrier. ZipPole™ spring loaded poles have a baked-on finish and weigh just 1.5lbs each. They can accept plastic or cloth sheeting up to 8 mils thick and can be used with Foam Rails™, Side Packs™, Heavy Duty or Standard Zippers. Poles can be placed up to 3m apart or closer if there is a lot of air movement. Use a GripDisk™ under each pole to secure it on smooth flooring like vinyl or wood.


  • Height range: 1.2m-3.12m
  • Patented twist-locking, spring-loaded design
  • Works with ZipWall® accessories
  • Works in positive and negative air
  • Tough, steel construction
  • Strong – supports 80 lbs.
  • For residential or commercial jobs

What’s included:

  • 4 x ZipPole™ steel Spring Loaded Poles
  • 4 x heads
  • 4 x plates
  • 4 x tethers
  • 4 x GripDisks™
  • 1 x heavy duty carry bag
  • 1 x box of 2 Standard zippers
  • 1 x 3.5m x 10m Poly Sheet



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