Graco FastFinish Pressure-Boosted Hopper Gun

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Graco FastFinish Pressure-Boosted Hopper Gun

  • The Power of A Large Spray Rig in the Palm of Your Hand
  • No-Spill Sealed Hopper Keeps Material Fresh
    • Fill-to-the-top design minimizes refilling
    • No spilling reduces cleanup time
  • Fast Application – Less Lifting & Less Fatigue
  • Consistent Spray Pattern Until Empty
  • Spray Every Finish with Adjustable Pressure & 3 Nozzles
  • Complete Pattern Control at Your Fingertips
  • Ideal for Thick, Heavier Texture Mixes


What's Included

Qty Description
1 FastFinish Pressure-Boosted Hopper Gun
1 1.5 Gallon Hopper
1 3 Nozzles



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