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Graco Ultra Max 2 1095 Pro Contractor Airless Sprayer

Supplier Code: 17E621 Code: C3104

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Graco Ultra Max 2 1095 Airless Sprayer

Endurance Vortex MaxLife Piston Pump

  • Superior pump life
  • Breakthrough Vortex rotating rod technology
  • Lasts 6X longer between repacks with innovative MaxLife technology
  • Oversized passages for high velocity flow to rotate piston for even wear
  • Repack pump in minutes with new QuikPak cartridge repair system

SmartControl 4.0 with ProGuard Protection System

  • Precision Pressure Control
  • Lowest dead band at any pressure delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation
  • ProGuard prevents electrical damage from extreme jobsite power conditions
  • WatchDog Pump Protection System automatically prevents pump damage if material supply is too low

BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management App

  • Streamline Your Business
  • Track every sprayer: Exact location & hourly productivity
  • Know job progress: On demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere
  • Maximize uptime: Set maintenance schedules, alerts, & jobsite notes
  • More info:
QuikReel Hose Management System 
  • Easy Hose Management
  • Deploy and rewind up to 150 meter (300 feet) of hose in seconds
  • No twisting, kinking, and coiling
  • Use only the hose you need — the rest stays on the reel

ProConnect 2 Pump Replacement System 

  • Eliminate Costly Downtime
  • Exchange pump in minutes
  • Pin-less design needs no tools

Crushproof Inlet Strainer 

  • Durable filtration
  • Stands up to harsh impacts to maintain even flow through filter

Precision-Cut RAC X FF LP SwitchTip 

  • Less overspray and increased pump life
  • Sprays at lower pressures with less overspray
  • Pre-orifice design produces a perfect airless finish
  • Up to 2X life Finer atomization and soft edges for easier overlapping
  • Reduces prep and cleanup Includes solvent seal for hot solvents
  • More info:

MaxPower Motor & Precision Advantage Drive

  • Proven power and performance for all painting applications
  • High-torque brushless design with a Lifetime Warranty
  • The longest lasting drive
  • Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation and a lifetime warranty

Additional Features

  • Easy Out Filter Manifold
  • Heavy Duty Prime Valve
  • Rugged, Durable Cart Design

Max Tip Size (1 gun) 0.035in
Max Tip Size (2 guns) 0.027in
Max Working Pressure 3300PSI
Max Flow 4.5L/M
Dimensions 710x610x990mm

What's included
Qty Description
1 UltraMax 2 1095 Sprayer
1 Contractor PC Gun
1 RAC X LTX 517 Tip
1 RAC X Tip Guard
2 BlueMax II Hose 1/4 in x 50 ft


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