Skylotec Controlled Rate Descender Rescue Hub for 11mm Static Rope

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Complies to EN 341:1992

Skylotec Controlled Rate Descender for 11mm Static Rope

The Controlled Rate Descender is an evacuation device by which a person, fitted in a full arrest harness, can descend on their own from higher position to lower position. Useful in the event of and emergency for self evacuation of recovery of a casualty from tall structures. A rescue triange can be used for evacuation and recovery. The descent speed is automatically limited during descent.

This product is intended for one person use only.

Installation requires an anchor point meeting the standard AS/NZS 1891.4.

Its resistance shall exceed 15kN. It shall be positioned above the user.


  • For polyamide rope diameter 11mm
  • Rope needs to be ordered separately
  • Descent speed: 0.8m – 1.5m / sec
  • Minimum load: 20kg
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Recommended maximum lifetime: 6 years.


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