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ZERO U-Res-Q Trauma Ladder ZR-Retro

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  • Rescue

ZERO U-Res-Q Trauma Ladder ZR-Retro

Retro fit any lanyard with the U-RES-Q pouch. A standard shock absorbing lanyard may save you in the event of a fall, but remaining suspended after the fall is another problem altogether. It is common knowledge in the fall protection industry that every minute in suspension after a fall is extremely crucial.

If a fall happens to occur, the light-weight pouch releases into rescue mode by automatically ejecting a high strength, 4.8m synthetic rescue ladder. At that point the worker can climb back to the work platform, or simply stand on the ladder to relieve pressure, increase blood flow, and ensure enough time for emergency response.


  • Locking snap one end, D-ring other end.
  • Use in-line with lanyard & anchor point.


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