Camp Pilot Ascender 0547

Brand: CAMP
Supplier Code: 0547 Code: C5726

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Complies to EN 12841/B, EN 567

Camp Pilot Ascender 0547

  • CE/UIAA certified
  • Sold individually

A sophisticated handled ascender designed for efficient movement along fixed lines. The cast steel cam has 17 teeth for a solid grip on the rope. The aluminum alloy frame is light yet durable and has a long rope channel for better performance on traverses. The ergonomic thermo-molded handle provides good insulation and aids grip when wet. The handle extends down around the bottom hole to provide a wide radius that reduces wear on webbing; a Quick Link or locking carabiner may also be used to attach slings. The low profile thumb release requires two actions to lock open and one to automatically lock shut and it can be operated with either hand. Certified according to EN 12841/B for semi-static ropes ranging from 10 to 13 mm and EN 567 for ropes from 8 to 13 mm.


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