Armorgard Mobile TuffBench‐Integral Cabinet BH1270M

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Dimensions: 1200x700x950mm

The universal mobile workbench that’s also a heavy-duty cabinet!

Use the Armorgard Mobile TuffBench™ for a day and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. A combination of heavy-duty storage cabinet and multi-purpose work surface, this innovative workbench makes any job that bit easier, while ensuring that your tools and equipment remain safe from thieves and damage. Its ultra-tough surface is ideal for fixing chain vice, engineers vice and other equipment, making it indispensable for M&E contractors when pipe threading and bending.


Internal dimensions 1000x630x615mm
External dimensions 1200x700x950mm
Weight 96kg
Material Steel
Material thickness 2mm and 3mm
Locking mechanism Highly secure, 5-lever deadlock



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