TimbaBuild Epoxy Wood Stabiliser 225ml

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TimbaBuild Epoxy Wood Stabiliser 225ml

Used in conjunction with the TimbaBuild EHB4 Filler, this two-part stabiliser is used to strengthen weakened wood fibres by penetrating deep into the wood. The product also acts as a primer for the TimbaBuild EHB4 to adhere to.

Once the damaged, decayed and discoloured timber has been removed mechanically the area should be lightly sanded to ensure excellent adhesion

The moisture content of the wood should be no greater than 18% (use a moisture metre), and if greater than 18% should be allowed to dry naturally or with a hot air gun.

The two components are mixed manually, and thoroughly agitated for one minute.

It is important that the 2:1 mixing ratio should be strictly observed.

Leave to cure for 30 minutes before applying the TimbaBuild EHB4 Wood Repair Filler


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