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TETRAFill Professional Gap Filler

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TETRAFill Professional Gap Filler

TETRAFill Professional Gap Filler is a quality ready made compound for filling gaps and cracks in timber, concrete, plaster and stone. Suitable for both interior and exterior work with excellent water resistance when painted. Its advanced formula ensures virtually zero shrinkage. It can be nailed or screwed easily without cracking. Low odour while wet makes it ideal for interior use. It is sandable and can be painted over. Ideal for nail holes etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtually zero shrinkage
  • Nailed or screwed easily without cracking
  • Won’t flash paint
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • Sandable and paintable

Surface Preparation

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Remove any loose material such as old filler from the areas to be filled.


  • Using a putty knife or spatula press the filler into the cracks or holes to be filled
  • For deep holes and cracks apply the filler in layers of no more than 6mm
  • Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer
  • Once the filler is dry, sand smooth and paint using water or solvent based paint
  • Priming the surface is recommended
  • If the product in the tub becomes too stiff from drying on exposure, add a small amount of water, a bit at a time, mixing between additions to bring it to a usable consistency

Dry time

Dry time ranges from 60 – 90 minutes for a 1mm film on timber at room temperature. Thicker layers and colder conditions will result in a longer dry time.


Clean up with water while wet and mineral turpentine when dry


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