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Boss Epoxy Filler 1L Kit

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Boss Epoxy Filler 1L Kit

Boss Epoxy Filler is a unique and novel epoxy exterior filler designed primarily for filling of nail holes in timber weatherboards where seasonal expansion and contraction and moisture ingress may be present.

Quick facts:
  • Boss Epoxy Filler is a superior 100% solids epoxy fairing & filling compound with exceptional bond strength to timber, fibre cement, metals & plastics.
  • Measure out equal parts of resin & hardener by volume onto a broad-knife and mix slowly until colour is uniform.
  • Allow 4 hours cure at 20°.
  • Curing time is decreased with extra mixing.
  • Do not use below 6°.
  • Ensure full cure before sanding.
  • No spot priming required.
Product Features:
  • Pre-gelled – easy to mix and apply.
  • Permanently flexible – withstands natural seasonal movement of timber.
  • Handy 1 litre kit size, consists of 500ml hardener & 500ml resin. Mixing ratio 1:1.
  • Can be tinted with standard paint colourants.
  • Will not shrink – expands slightly as it cures.
  • No spot priming required prior to topcoats.
  • 100% moisture proof.
  • Exterior filler.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Easy sanding.

Boss Epoxy Filler has been specifically designed for filling nail holes on timber weatherboards and other exterior timber profiles. Also useful in larger cavities, for example where rotten timber or knots have been removed, or where cracks & joints have opened. Can also be used on a variety of other substrates including fibre cement, plastics, fibreglass and metals. Check for any warranty issues with the substrate manufacturer before use. Not suitable for use in cavities less than 3-4mm in width or depth.



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