PAL Glazing Compound

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PAL Glazing Compound

PAL eeZee Glazing Compound is a contractor specified formula for installing glass or plastic in wood or metal sashes. Takes both water based and oil based paints. The original quick paint putty that can be painted with water based primer in 1-7 days. Remains flexible and is more effective than linseed oil putty.


  • For interior and exterior use
  • Paintable with both water and oil based paints
  • Cleanup with  mineral turpentine
  • Surface cure times:
    • Summer:
      • Water Based Paint: 1 – 3 days
      • Oil Based Paint: 7 – 10 days
    • Winter:
      • Water Based Paint: 3 – 7 days
      • Oil Based Paint: 10 – 14 days

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500ml, 4L


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