Ox Ultimate UB10 Zebra Segmented Diamond Blade

Ox Tools
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Ox Ultimate UB10 Zebra Segmented Diamond Blade

All Ox Diamond Blades are divided into three categories – Trade, Professional and Ultimate

This blade is from the Ultimate series

Dual purpose blade with 10mm segment height

Featuring ‘wedge segment’ undercut protection, narrow gullet.

Applications include dual purpose concrete and asphalt, abrasive materials and abrasive concrete products such as roof tiles, blocks

Available in the following sizes

  • OX-UB10-9 (9” – 225mm)
  • OX-UB10-12 (12” – 300mm)
  • OX-UB10-14 (14” – 350mm)
  • OX-UB10-16 (16” – 400mm)

Additional information


OX-UB10-9 (9” – 225mm), OX-UB10-12 (12” – 300mm), OX-UB10-14 (14” – 350mm), OX-UB10-16 (16” – 400mm)


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