Ox Professional PUB Turbo Diamond Blade

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Ox Professional PUB Turbo Diamond Blade

All Ox Diamond Blades are divided into three categories – Trade, Professional and Ultimate

This blade is from the Professional series

Guaranteed to cut all construction products including metal.

Excellent fast cut universal and hard materials.

Reinforced flange, cooling holes, semi-transparent when in use.

Applications include granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, metal, concrete products, all building materials

12mm segment height

Not recommended for reinforced concrete – use PU10 Blade

Available in the following sizes

  • OX-PUB-12 (12” – 300mm)
  • OX-PUB-14 (14” – 350mm)
  • OX-PUB-16 (16” – 400mm)

Additional information


OX-PUB-12 (12” – 300mm), OX-PUB-14 (14” – 350mm), OX-PUB-16 (16” – 400mm)


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