Metylan Wallpaper Adhesive Special 200g

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Metylan Wallpaper Adhesive Special 200g

Packaging: 200g Special Characteristics

High resistance to humidity

Can be smoothened during bonding

Adapts to heat changes, compatible with limestone and cement

Excellent initial tack

High moisture-resistance

High bonding strength

Colour: White Notes on Application Surface Preparation Substrates must be clean, dry, smooth, sound and evenly absorbent, free of dust, dirt, grease, wax or mould. Wall Preparation Thoroughly clean walls and ceilings. Painted walls and highly glazed non-porous walls should be lightly sanded and washed down. Old wall coverings and paste must be removed with a Wallpaper Remover. Porous substrates should be sized. Allow thoroughly drying before hanging wallpapers / wall coverings. Mixing Directions Use clean pail and stir entire content of package rapidly in cold water whilst stirring. Do not add more water than specified. Sprinkle content of package into water, mixing briskly for 30 seconds. After 2 – 3 minutes stir again. Allow standing for approximately 15 – 20 minutes, then stir vigorously for a few seconds and the paste is ready for use.


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