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Maxistrip 240 Chemical Paint Stripper 20L

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Maxistrip 240 Chemical Paint Stripper 20L

Maxistrip is the best chemical paint stripper we have come across. It is fast acting, efficient and therefore cost-effective.

The best way to apply this product is with the designated Chemical Stripping Machine which we both sell and hire. Smaller areas can be brushed on.

Maxistrip 240 is similar to the Maxistrip 30 but with the additional advantage of staying wetter for longer thus increasing the amount of time the product is active. Better for hot and sunny conditions where there is a tendency for the Maxistrip Paint stripper to dry too quickly.

Maxistrip is an industrial strength paint stripper. It has excellent adhesion to the wall, very rapid action, it also has an industrial surfactant (detergent) built in. The surfactant allows the applicator to remove any residues easily and quickly with no concerns for adhesion of sealer coats. The system was developed in New Zealand by Systemax. The process is a simple one. The operator applies Maxistrip to the object with a low pressure airless spray system. The stripper is then left for around 2 hours to penetrate and the operator then scrapes the paint off. In the case of weatherboard homes the removal is normally done with a linbide blade. Different substrates allow different approaches to removal, in this discussion we will be referring to weatherboard homes and timber substrates.

Spray application units have been designed with the safety of the operator in mind. We have developed a no contact system of application, which is safe, easy and effective. The first time an applicator needs to come into contact with the stripper is when the paint has been coated and they are ready to scrape the paint. The spray gun has a low-pressure atomisation, this prevents blow back into the operators face and body. Due to the low-pressure fan it stops particulate atomisation, which comes about from high-pressure applications such as airless sprayers. The paint is moist when it is removed, this ensures there is virtually no dust or flake to blow into your yard, or if working inside, throughout the home. This system is much less invasive as it reduces the sanding required, and in many cases no sanding is required. No noisy grinding for the client to tolerate for weeks on end!


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