Useit Yellow Sanding Disc Pads 225mm (To Suit Giraffe Drywall Sander)

Brand: USEIT
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$5.95 NZD$7.45 NZD +GST


Useit 225mm Yellow Sanding Disc Pads
The Genuine Original Super Pad and the Best! – the only qualified sanding disc for paint & plaster sanding

Designed for paint and plaster/drywall sanding and finishing

  • Patented Design – resists scratch and swirl marks
  • Lasts Longer
  • Superior Finish
  • Efficient Dust Extraction
  • Unique Coating Resists Clogging
  • Better Grip to Velcro Pad
  • 225mm x 220 Grit
  • Pack Qty: 25
  • Each USEIT Super Pad is fully guaranteed

Available from 40 grit to 320 grits either singularly or in packets (25)

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P40 (Single), P40 (Packet 25), P60 (Single), P60 (Packet 25), P80 (Single), P80 (Packet 25), P100 (Single), P100 (Packet 25), P120 (Single), P120 (Packet 25), P150 (Single), P150 (Packet 25), P180 (Single), P180 (Packet 25), P220 (Single), P220 (Packet 25), P320 (Single), P320 (Packet 25)


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