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Camp Goblin Kit with Lanyard 26cm 99905

Camp Goblin Kit
Camp Goblin KitCamp Goblin Kit
Brand: CAMP
Code: C5725
2.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews )

$295.00 NZD +GST

Camp Goblin Kit with Lanyard 26cm 99905

Innovative anti-fall device for semi-static ropes 10 to 11 mm. Goblin assembly including 26cm lanyard with Rope Surfer for fluid, unassisted running on the rope when ascending or descending. The rope surfer simply pulls away from the rope in the event of a fall.

Robust forged aluminum alloy, stainless steel mechanism.

Designed for a sliding incredibly fluid on the string, both during the ascent and the phases of descent.

The wear on the rope during use it is virtually eliminated; the damage of the sock and the consequences on the user as a result of a fall are minimized thanks to low impact force.
For the Goblin Lanyard and Rope Surfer as supplied in this kit, user does not need any energy absorber .

Two modes: Fall and blocker for lifts, selectable with a button.

One of a kind, Goblin is certified for single use up to 120 kg and for double use in rescue up to 200 kg!

  • Supplied as kit with 26cm lanyard and rope surfer
  • Certified to EN 360
  • 665gms
  • Note; does not include rope

Customers' review

Rated 2.60 out of 5 stars
5 reviews
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4 stars 2 40 %
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5 reviews for Camp Goblin Kit with Lanyard 26cm 99905

    4 out of 5

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