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Product Feature: Timbabuild Wood Repair System (with video)

Repair – Don’t Replace

Meet Timbabuild. Your new timber repair solution.

The Timbabuild system is ideal for repairing timber in window frames, doors, eaves and fascia boards for both indoor and outdoor applications. The tough durable result can be sanded and painted to a perfect finish leaving no sign of the repair.

The system is very efficient allowing you to restore and paint almost any timber item in just one day.


  1. Remove the damaged or rot affected wood using a routing tool or chisel
  2. Treat the bare wood with Timbabuild EWS epoxy
  3. Fill the affected area with Timbabuild
  4. Smooth to a flat finish
  5. Once cured the repaired area can be sanded or varnished

The benefits

  • Faster professional restorations
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Product is solvent free so no noxious fumes to worry about
  • Dual cartridge extrudes guaranteed 1 to 1 mixture for perfect results
  • Extremely tough repair


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