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Product Feature: Starmix iPulse M-Class Vacuum (with video)


The NEW Starmix iPulse vacuums have been specifically developed for heavy duty continuous use in industry such as workshops and construction sites. Its filter cleaning system sets this machine apart from the others with incredible performance.

Areas of application for this machine include:

  • Tough heavy-duty continous workshop and construction use
  • Vacuuming directly from electrica power tools such as sanders and saws
  • Vacuuming concrete, plaster, stone, cement, wood paint and varnish dust

Some of the notable features of these machines include:

  • Permanent pulse filter cleaning system – no loss of suction and a clean filter at all times
  • Intelligent electronics – sensor controlled pressure difference
  • Appliance powertool socket with auto on/off
  • For wet and dry suction with water level detection with electronic shut off sensor

Check out the filter filling levels and volume flow compared with its competition:

Starmix iPulse Vacuum Filter Comparison

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