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Product Feature: New Wooster Gold Edge Paint Brush

Following the great success of the Wooster Silver Tip brush the Wooster Brush Company have developed and launched their new premium range ‘Gold Edge’ paint brushes. This range is a result of feedback from customers that desire for a brush with increased rigidity. The Gold Edge is a direct result of that feedback and we are sure customers will be impressed.

Utilizing a filament blend of 100% chemically tipped polyester means that Gold Edge paintbrushes are able to offer super-smooth finishing capabilities. They are built with added firmness which allows them to push paint which further increases productivity and effectiveness.

Gold Edge enters the paint applicator market as one of Wooster’s largest lines. It includes a total of 22 unique brushes that include angle sash, thin angle sash, semi-oval angle sash, flat sash, varnish and wall styles. Watch this space for these varieties coming out. This is the first Wooster professional paintbrush line to include the new semi-oval angle sash style in its launch.

See the above intro video for the new brushes.

See the product page here.

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