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Product Feature: Maxistrip – The Best Paint Stripping Chemical (with video)


Paint stripping has been a bugbear for the painting and decorating industry for many years. From the early days of burning paint off with heat guns to grinding it off with a grinder the paint stripping process has become a lot easier and more cost effecting with new paint stripping chemicals.

Meet Maxistrip

Maxistrip is an industrial grade paint stripper and is our most effective paint stripping chemical. It is efficient and will work out much more cost effective than traditional paint stripping methods.

Combined with the spray application units (Indus 20) this process is an impressively effective way to strip houses of their paint. It has no problem stripping many layers of paint including lead based paints.

How it works

The chemical can be sprayed on with the Indus machine or for smaller areas can be brushed on. It is then left for 15 – 60 minutes to allow the stripper to work its magic. The paint will begin to bubble up and turn into a thick paste. The paint and chemical residues can then be scraped off using a tungsten scraper blade. The residue can be easily scraped away and safely disposed of. Clean up the surface and then you’re ready to begin preparing for the new paint. It’s that simple.

We ship the chemical all over the country and do demos to local Wellington painters.

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2 responses to “Product Feature: Maxistrip – The Best Paint Stripping Chemical (with video)”

  1. Tony De Bono says:

    What is the active ingredient in your paint stripping product.

    • Colorex Trade & Hire says:

      Hi Tony, The active ingredient is Methylene Chloride which is a very strong and effective paint removal chemical.

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