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New Proscaf Steel Scaffolding Packages Available

Proscaf Steel Scaffold Packages


Want your own scaffolding?

Proscaf Steel Scaffolding is the leader in the scaffolding industry with its innovative modular and highly configurable design. This clever system makes for efficient erection and dismantling using minimal parts and effort. The rosettes on each level provide eight connection points for the horizontal and diagonal components to enable a high level of customisation of the scaffold based on your application. With no need for nuts and bolts the assembly is a breeze.

You aren’t limited to a single configuration. Erect the scaffold in any safe configuration to get the best access solution for the job at hand.

Proscaf is manufactured to ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and optimal safety whilst providing a cost-effective access solutions.

These packs are designed to make it easy for you to choose what you need and get it at the best prices.

Check out the packages below or contact us for more information.



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