Introducing The New Graco Handheld Cordless Airless Sprayers (with video)


Graco’s Handheld Airless Sprayers have gone through a radical design improvement phase and have arrived at a product far superior than their older units and the competition. These are truly the most advanced and user-friendly we’ve seen yet.

The handheld units are ideal for small projects and touch-ups. The paint is kept in the air-tight flex-liner so there is minimal mess and the machine can be operated in any angle, even upside down, making spraying eaves, soffits and furniture a breeze.

All of Graco’s handheld units are compatible with their existing range of switch tips. Most notably is the new FFLP (Fine Finish Low Pressure) tips which are ideal for these machines as they allow for a fine finish when spraying at lower pressure.

The most impressive technological feat is the ProConnect ability which allows you to replace the pump assembly in a few basic steps. Simply remove the screws that house the pump and you can quickly and easily replace the pump with a new one!

These units now ship with two DEWALT® XR Lithium Ion Batteries and a charger. This ensures extended and reliable spray time.


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