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*** Video *** Introducing New 4000PSI Be Honda Waterblaster

Introducing our new 4000PSI Honda waterblaster. This waterblaster is an ideal unit for tradesman who need the power and reliability of a genuine Honda waterblaster. At 4000 PSI and a flow rate of 15L per minute this machine will have no problem cleaning up moss and grime as shown in our video above.

For more information or to buy visit here https://colorex.co.nz/product/be-honda-petrol-waterblaster-4000psi-bar4013c-h/

2 responses to “*** Video *** Introducing New 4000PSI Be Honda Waterblaster”

  1. Joe says:

    The fan seems wider than other fittings. Does that end come as a separate item?

    • Colorex Trade & Hire says:

      Hi Joe, The fan width is controlled by changing the tips. In the video we use the white tip (40 degrees) at the beginning and then a yellow tip (15 degrees). Both of these are included with the waterblaster.

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