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Intex: New Zealand’s Best Automatic Plastering Tools (with videos)

Automatic plastering tools are a no-brainer for the serious plastering contractor. An investment in a set of Intex’s automatic plastering tools will set you up to reduce waste, save time and deliver consistent results.

Intex’s range of plastering tools include everything you need to perform the full range of plastering tasks from trowels to finishing boxes.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned plasterer the below videos will pique your interest in the Intex range. The speed benefits of using automatic tools versus traditional troweling techniques are immense and the investment is worthwhile.

Intex BigMudda Finishing Boxes

Intex BigMudda applies the correct amount of joint compound to flat joints. Made with USA billet aluminium and steel components, featuring a hardened steel blade with a brass blade holder and adjustable crown settings. Pivoting axle compensates for uneven wall surfaces. Outside mounted rubber o-Ring roller wheels provide a superior finish and soft ride. Hinged door enables ultimate cleaning efficiency. Holds 40% more compound than standard boxes – the largest capacity available meaning fewer trips to the pump! Loads compound via the Compound Tube or Loading Pump with Nozzle Attachment. Can be used with fixed or extendable handles.

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Intex Plaster Pumps

The Intex plaster pump loads compounds into all tools by drawing compound directly from the bucket. Made with USA billet aluminium and steel components. 20 degree angled handle provides leverage, avoiding back pain and fatigue. Features a unique Quick-Release clips to allow for ultimate cleaning efficiency. Intake fitted with filter screens eliminating lumps. Equipped with a Quick -Release handle pin for easier dismantling.

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