Hire Mini Mobile Scaffolding in Wellington

The Mini Mobile is a popular choice for smaller jobs and is lightweight and easy to assemble. Each tower is 1.7m long and 0.7m wide. Platform height options are 1.9m, 2.7m and 3.7m. Delivery and collection services are available in the Wellington area.

Please note: we do not provide services to erect the scaffolding – this is your responsibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for indoor use & tight access
  • Unique channel locking platform
  • The most popular minor scaffold in NZ!
  • Minimal bracing needed, reducing assembly time
  • Open sided for unobstructed access to hatch platform
  • Quick to erect with 1 person
  • Rungs are built into the frame

Height Options

MM250 (1.9m Deck)
MM310 (2.7m Deck)
MM410 (3.7m Deck)


Per Week (7+ days)MinimumDeliveryCollection
Mini Mobile MM210A$159.00 +GST$135.00 +GST$49.00 +GST$49.00 +GST
Mini Mobile MM250A$159.00 +GST$135.00 +GST$49.00 +GST$49.00 +GST
Mini Mobile MM310A$185.00 +GST$159.00 +GST$49.00 +GST$49.00 +GST
Mini Mobile MM410A$225.00 +GST$190.00 +GST$49.00 +GST$49.00 +GST
Mini Mobile All Terrain Pack$30.00 +GST$30.00 +GST$49.00 +GST$49.00 +GST

Please contact us to check availability and to book a scaffold tower.