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Ensuring Electrical Safety on Work Sites with Lifeguard RCD Power Outlets

Lifeguard Portable Power Outlets

Ensure your work sites meet the electrical safety requirements based on the AS/NZS 2013 standard.

When used on a work site your electrical extension cords connected to power tools require the use of a Residual Current Device (RCD) or an Isolating Transformer. Both the power tools and the RCDs must be tested and tagged. If the RCD trips it is a sign of a fault. Before using the system again you will need to check the system before resetting it.

Items intended to be protected by an RCD include the following:

  • Hand-held power tools such as snaders, saws, drills and grinders
  • Electric lawnmowers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Extension cords

Our Lifeguard RCD Power Outlets comply to the AS/NZS 3012 and is an approved Residual Current Device (RCD). See here for more info.

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