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Beat The Price Rise – Van Vault Security Toolboxes

Van Vault NZ have announced a price rise over their entire product range that will take effect shortly. With prices due to rise get yours today while you can still get these great deals. These prices will never be seen again!

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Protecting The Tools Of Your Livelihood

Defeat the rising tide of tool theft by installing a Van Vault. Their tough steel containers and unpickable undrillable locks make them a formidable target for a thief. Most will go after the easy targets and leave yours alone.

Van Vault offers many options to suit your vehicle or job site. The Sliders are an ideal way to securely store tools and keep them organised with a additional set of drawer dividers. Other options such as the Outback or Tipper are ideal for the back of your Ute or Truck for bulk storage. The Mobi can be detached from its docking station to be transported onto your job site for easy of access to your tools. For more permanent job site security you could consider the 4-Site which has forklift skids to easily get it onto site and give you piece of mind that your tools will still be there the next morning.

While we have stock of the following products at the old price – get in quick and snap up these deals!

Strictly while stocks last!

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