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Product Feature: Van Vault Slider – Protecting The Tools Of Your Livelihood

Van Vault Slider


Product Feature: Van Vault Slider – Protecting The Tools Of Your Livelihood

The addition of the Van Vault Slider series to the New Zealand Van Vault range has helped to cement the brand as being a complete vehicle and worksite storage solution.

With the Van Vault sliders flying off the shelves and into vehicles be quick to secure yours.

Check out the products below for more information.

The New Safety Catalogue Is Here!

Catalogue Launch

Introducing our brand new 200+ page safety products catalogue. It covers a wide range of products including height safety, PPE, apparel, rainwear, footwear, ladders, scaffolding and edge protection.

The catalogue contains almost everything you need to keep you and your team safe. From harnesses and lanyards to high vis rainwear and access equipment we have it sorted.

Click here to get your copy.

Product Feature: Intex LED Work Lights (with video)

Toughest work light yet? The Intex LED work lights represent the next generation of LED work light technology with an incredibly tough case and intensely bright output with multiple brightness modes. Check out the video to see just how tough these lights are.

These lights are ideal of lighting up your work site, workshop or even as an emergency lighting source in the event of a power outage.

There are four different lights available. Two are rechargeable and the other two are corded and plug into a mains outlet. Choose your light based on light output required and whether or not you prefer the battery powered or hard wired version.

For more information check out the products here:

Product Feature: OX MixM8 Rubber Mixing Paddle (with video)

Product Feature: OX MixM8 Rubber Mixing Paddle (with video)


The new Ox MixM8 is a revolution in mixing technology. The test results of its unique paddle design shown in the video speak for themselves.

With this mixing paddle you are guaranteed a faster mix even if you are using a cordless drill. Additionally it requires less effort from the user and results in a smoother final mix.

No longer chase your mix around the bucket – just hold the MixM8 in the center of the bucket and let the blades do their magic.

Head over to the product page here to order yourself one or give us a call.

Product Feature: New Wooster Gold Edge Paint Brush

Following the great success of the Wooster Silver Tip brush the Wooster Brush Company have developed and launched their new premium range ‘Gold Edge’ paint brushes. This range is a result of feedback from customers that desire for a brush with increased rigidity. The Gold Edge is a direct result of that feedback and we are sure customers will be impressed.

Utilizing a filament blend of 100% chemically tipped polyester means that Gold Edge paintbrushes are able to offer super-smooth finishing capabilities. They are built with added firmness which allows them to push paint which further increases productivity and effectiveness.

Gold Edge enters the paint applicator market as one of Wooster’s largest lines. It includes a total of 22 unique brushes that include angle sash, thin angle sash, semi-oval angle sash, flat sash, varnish and wall styles. Watch this space for these varieties coming out. This is the first Wooster professional paintbrush line to include the new semi-oval angle sash style in its launch.

See the above intro video for the new brushes.

See the product page here.

Product Feature: Rust-Oleum Leak Seal


Leak Seal is a flexible and paintable spray-on rubber coating. Check out the video above to see how it is effectively used.

Repair and prevent leaks on a wide range of demanding surfaces with Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Spray. This rubberized coating seals cracks, fills small holes and provides firm-but-flexible protection against moisture and rust on surfaces that need it most.

Introducing The New Sliding Drawer Security Toolboxes VanVault Slider Range

Van Vault Slim Slider

Protect the tools of your livelihood. Since its launch in 1998 Van Vault has become a highly regarded secure storage solution for tradesmen and is the UK’s No.1 mobile security brand. Van Vault products are designed to deter thieves from stealing your valuable tools and equipment. These tool boxes are useful whether its in a vehicle or out on your work site.

The new Slim Slider is ideal for your van. It is designed to fit between the wheel arches and mount on the floor. Will fit most commercial vehicles.

Some of the notable features include:

  • 1.25mm steel sheet construction
  • 70mm disc lock
  • Full phosphated anti-corrosion protection
  • Reinforced top to take loads
  • Smooth drawer action

Check out our full range of vehicle storage solutions here.

SMART Multitool Is A Smart Investment (with video)

The new SMART Multi-Tool SMT300P Kit is a must for all serious tradesmen. It features a new intelliTORQ quick release blade system which saves you time and effort whilst changing blades.

This tool is a legend. It is the result of the harshest of testing and quality control measures we have seen. These multitools have stood up to the test of tradesmen worldwide and are built to last.

A SMART multitool is a smart investment.

To see the product page click here.

For more entertainment click here to see the SMART tool nail busting competition.

Brighten Up Your Day! New LED Worklights (with video)

The turn of the calendar’s page reveals April is here. The onset of Winter has kicked in and the interior projects take precedence.

The new tool for the interior projects is also here. Introducing the new Intex LED Rechargeable Worklight!

These new lights produce a whopping 2200 lumens and will have no trouble lighting up your work site. They feature two modes to prioritise either run time or brightness by changing power output.

These are the toughest and most robust work light we have seen yet. Check out the video to see the brutal testing these things went through.

To view the product page click here.

Pie Day Lollie Jar / Patio Heater Winner

Pie Day Winner

Congratulations to Noel Cameron who won the ‘guess the jet plane lollies in the jar’ competition on our pie day. He won both the jet plane lollies and a Gasmate Patio Heater.

Noel’s guess was was within only 3 jet plane lollies! The actual number was 567 and his guess was 570. Guesses overall ranged from around 200 to 2000.

Pie Day / Trade Day 8th March 2017

Our Pie Day was a huge success. The pies were delicious and the deals were too good to miss. We had suppliers for Zero height safety equipment, OX ladders, Easy Access scaffolds, Festool power tools, Graco airless sprayers and BE Pressure waterblasters. Free pies and drinks were welcomed greatly by the local tradespeople. Our suppliers had epic demos of their sanders, waterblasters and airless sprayers.

We had a competition for our customers to guess the number of jet plane lollies in the jar and be in to win a gas patio heater and the lollies. Stay tuned to see who won.

See below some photos from the day. Be sure to sign up to our newsletters to know about our next trade day.


*** Video *** Introducing New 4000PSI Be Honda Waterblaster

Introducing our new 4000PSI Honda waterblaster. This waterblaster is an ideal unit for tradesman who need the power and reliability of a genuine Honda waterblaster. At 4000 PSI and a flow rate of 15L per minute this machine will have no problem cleaning up moss and grime as shown in our video above.

For more information or to buy visit here https://colorex.co.nz/product/be-honda-petrol-waterblaster-4000psi-bar4013c-h/

Introducing Van Vault Security Toolboxes

Van Vault Poster

Introducing our new range of security toolboxes. Van Vault is designed for the tradesmen who want to securely store their tools end equipment in their vehicles and on their work sites.

Features include

  • 1.5mm steel construction
  • 70mm disk lock – highly effective anti-pick & anti-drill stainless steel disc locks
  • Supplied with 3 keys
  • Integrated single pin hinge
  • 4 reinforced fitting points
  • Fully phosphated anti-corrosion protection
  • Solid lock ‘lid stay’ system
  • Flush fitting grip handles

Introducing MyColorex our Online Account Management Portal

MyColorex Launch

We are continually striving to provide our customers with greater value and to innovate in our customer service. We have come up with a customer portal on our website that gives you access to your account information and the ability to order online through your credit account.

Here are some of the benefits for our account holders:

  • Online access to account invoices with search function
  • Online access to account balance and transactions
  • Re-order from previously ordered invoices
  • Create new orders to be charged to your account
  • View products at your pricing rates
  • Update your account details online
  • Request copies of invoices in PDF format
  • Export invoices and statements to CSV format
  • Save products to a ‘favourites’ list for quick access and ordering

Have a credit account but don’t have access yet? Have your customer code handy and click here to register.

A Quick Preview
MyColorex Infographic

Introducing Tradies Easysand Undercoat Sealer Paint

Tradies Easysand 10L

Tradies Easysand is our brand new sandable sealer paint. It is an acrylic sealer with excellent sanding and priming characteristics and has been designed in New Zealand with the local conditions in mind. We currently stock and sell this product in 10L pails.

Expect to be impressed by its superior opacity and ability to hold out your topcoats.

At our super sharp price and the quality of this product we are excited to delve deeper into the speciality paints market with this brilliant new product.

For more information please visit our product page here here.

Donut Day a Brilliant Success

Donut Day Poster

Our Donut Day turned out to be a huge success and the donuts and coffee were delicious. Our suppliers for Easy Access, Graco, Starmix and Zero were on hand to help out with customer enquiries.

The jelly bean count for the waterblaster prize was an exciting highlight of the day. Congratulations to Mike for guessing the closest number and we are sure he will enjoy his new waterblaster.

A special thanks to everyone that turned up and our suppliers who helped us out.

Congratulations Elm Decorators – Winner of Donut Day Waterblaster!

Donut Day Waterblaster Winner
Congratulations to Mike of Elm Decorators. His guess of the number of jelly beans in the jar won him the prize of a brand new BE 2700PSI Honda Waterblaster from our Donut Day promo.

His guess was within 4% of the actual number of jelly beans in the jar and the range of guesses ranged from around 500 to 10,000!

Ensuring Electrical Safety on Work Sites with Lifeguard RCD Power Outlets

Lifeguard Portable Power Outlets

Ensure your work sites meet the electrical safety requirements based on the AS/NZS 2013 standard.

When used on a work site your electrical extension cords connected to power tools require the use of a Residual Current Device (RCD) or an Isolating Transformer. Both the power tools and the RCDs must be tested and tagged. If the RCD trips it is a sign of a fault. Before using the system again you will need to check the system before resetting it.

Items intended to be protected by an RCD include the following:

  • Hand-held power tools such as snaders, saws, drills and grinders
  • Electric lawnmowers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Extension cords

Our Lifeguard RCD Power Outlets comply to the AS/NZS 3012 and is an approved Residual Current Device (RCD). See here for more info.

Donut Day! Thursday 14th July 7:00am – 1:30pm

Donut Day
You are invited.

Join us and some of our key suppliers for a ‘donut day’ trade day on Thursday the 14th of July between 7:00am and 1:30pm. Guess the number of jelly beans in the jar and win all of the jelly beans… and a new Honda Waterblaster. We will be announcing the winner at the end of the day.

Our suppliers for Easy Access, Graco, Haydn, Starmix and Zero will be on site and ready to help out with your questions. We will be doing crazy deals throughout the day so be sure to come along.

Our Easy Access rep will also be introducing a new low-level access system.

Come along, grab a donut and a coffee, and enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Haydn Leeda brush range wins Master Painters Award

Haydn Leeda range wins Master Painters Award

The Haydn Leeda brush range has won the ‘Tool or Accessory of the Year Award’ from the Master Painters Association. The decision is a result of votes contributed by the members of the association.

The Leeda range is one of Haydn’s newest releases. Based on feedback from the early adopters we can see the new range catching on well with all of the painting and decorating industry.

Check out our range of Haydn brushes here.