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  • Harnessed Roof Anchor Safety Setup | Height Safety Basics

    Too many falls from height are caused by a failure to plan and organise work properly. Start by planning a safe approach to best identify and minimize potential hazards. Check For Pendulum Swing Risks and Potential Rope Cutting Edges Minimise the potential fall distance by using diversionary anchors to provide continuous travel restraint and to […] Read More ›
  • Watching Paint Dry: Diesel Heaters, Dehumidifiers & Ventilator Fans

    How to Make Interior Paint Dry Faster As the bitter Winter’s cold takes hold the inevitable starts to happen: the paint isn’t drying. No one enjoys watching paint dry but you’re in luck. We’ve got some tips, tricks and equipment to help. Painting contractors are well aware that time is money and saving time between […] Read More ›
  • Using Graco Pump Armor - Protect Your Airless Sprayer Investment

    Graco Pump Armour protects airless paint sprayers from corrosion when not in use. It’s a must-have for every Airless Sprayer owner and comes at minimal cost. A no-brainer. Benefits of using Pump Armor: Keeps machine lubricated Prevents internal corrosion Prevents internal seals drying out Stops any left-over paint drying out that could cause blockages Anti-freeze […] Read More ›
  • Which Graco Airless Spray Tip Do I Need?

    Airless spray tips determine the width of the spray fan pattern, the amount of paint that is sprayed and the quality of the finish. Choosing the correct tip for your airless sprayer can seem a bit confusing without knowing a few basic things about them. What do the numbers on the tip mean? Choosing the […] Read More ›
  • Who won the eBike?

    Congratulations After a successful promotion running over March and April we picked a name out of the bucket. Each entry must have purchased items from the promotion’s sponsors over March/April to qualify. Thanks to everyone who participated in the draw. Congratulations to Mark from Paradise Painting for winning the Giant Talon eBike draw! Mark is […] Read More ›
  • Timbabuild is back!

    The legendary wood repair system Timbabuild is back! Timbabuild is a tough epoxy resin based wood repair system. Typical applications include repairs on weatherboards and window frames. Timbabuild Wood Repair Resin is a 2 part cartridge delivery system which is designed for ease of use, strength and flexibility in professional paint and refurbishment contracting. Traditionally, […] Read More ›
  • Our new website has launched!

    Woohoo! Our new website has been launched. Here at Colorex we’re continually striving to provide a better customer experience and innovate with modern technology. This new website represents a leap forward for our online shopping offering. We’ve improved the design with a focus on mobile users and product searching. We have also overhauled our customer […] Read More ›
  • The Truth About Vacuum Filtration Classes (L/M/H Class)

    Having been a grey area in the construction and painting/decorating industries for quite some time we hope to clear up some of the myths surrounding correct vacuum filtration based on Worksafe’s current guidelines. Vacuums come in three main classes that represent their level of filtration. The required minimum class for each use-case is set out […] Read More ›